Our Best Tips for Moving: Staging

If you have just finished with the Prep part of our series on moving, then you have been very busy cleaning up and updating your home.  You are now ready for Part 2:  staging your home for sale.  Click here to read our original “Make Moving Easy” tips for staging.


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Our Best Tips for Moving: Prep

As you probably already know, summer is the busiest time of the year to move to a new home or off to college.  We wrote a whole series of  “Make Moving Easy” blog posts in 2014, and the tips we included are still just as valid today as they were back then.  If moving is on your radar, then use these tips to make it the best possible experience.

To read Part 1 which focuses on prepping your home before you stage/sell/move…click here.  Be on the lookout for Parts 2, 3 and 4 of the  “Make Moving Easy” blog reposts.

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Our Top Tips for Decluttering Your Home (and Saving Your Sanity!)

Stop for a minute to think about how incredible it would be to see your entire home picked up, with all of the surfaces cleared off and sparkling clean.  You might be thinking, “Everything in its place…is that even possible?”  We are here to say that anything is possible if you set your mind to it.  It just may take a few dedicated “decluttering sessions”.


(Of course, if there are so many items you aren’t sure where to start, you may have a bigger organizing project on your hands than a simple decluttering can fix!  Don’t get hung up because you are completely overwhelmed.  Contact us at
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15 Minute Challenges: Packing

Summer vacation is just around the corner, so it is time to make sure your luggage is ready to hit the road.  It’s simple to do if you break it down into bite sized chunks which I’ve done for you in these 15 Minute Challenges.  Ready! Set! Go!


  • Prep by gathering cup of tea/coffee or favorite beverage and turning on your favorite music.
  • Set Timer.
  • Collect all luggage in your house in one large open space i.e. living room.
  • Match sizes of luggage together, i.e., carry on vs large check luggage.
  • Evaluate each piece of luggage in each size for ...
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Thanks, Mom, for teaching me the basics of organizing!

Many of us have probably developed some bad habits since we have grown and flown from the nest, and we may need to refresh our organizing skills from time to time, but we have Mom to thank for laying the groundwork for us to be tidy individuals.  In honor of all the Mom’s out there on Mother’s Day this year, let’s take a look at all the wonderful ways they have taught us how to stay organized.


  • Don’t throw your clothes on the floor!  Put them in the hamper…or better yet, do a load of your own laundry and fold it, too!
  • Put your dishes in the dishwasher….don’t just leave them around the house and ...
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Vacation Planning Checklist

Planning for a vacation doesn’t have to be hard or take that much time if you are armed with a good checklist.  We are sure that any time you invest in the up front planning will pay dividends with a fantastic getaway that you and your loved ones will remember for years and years to come!


  • Don’t know where you want to go this year?  Do some research and make the decision together.  If everyone is interested in the destination, it is sure to be a memorable trip!
  • Make a list of all the sights you want to see once you reach your destination.  Travel books can come in handy when deciding where ...
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Ready for Summer?

Summer may still feel lightyears away, but the first week of May is when you should get serious about planning it out to make the most of your precious time.  We know it seems counter-intuitive to “plan out” your summer, but if you have a few goals in mind you are more likely to accomplish them rather than watch the days melt away (just like that delicious popsicle)!


Use this list to start a discussion with your family:
  • Where do you want to go – decide as a family what your summer vacation will be (be sure to look for our next blog post focused on vacation planning)
  •  Share a list of available local ...
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Modern Alternatives to the Old Fashioned Garage Sale

If you are doing a big spring clean out of your home and would love to learn how to turn some of the “like-new” items into extra cash, then this article is for you.  Rather than just donate everything, we think it’s always a smart move to try to sell the highly desirable items first.  This may seem like a daunting task, but today’s innovative consignment businesses are designed to help make selling your unwanted clothing, accessories and furnishings a breeze.  Why not skip the hassle of hosting a garage sale, and take advantage of some of the services listed below?  We have included a brief description of each service, but ...
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Why Wait Until You’re Moving to Stage Your Home

We have once again been inspired to share a blog post we stumbled across while doing research on the internet.  The blog post is by Joshua Becker, of becomingminimalist.com, and it is called How to Stage Your Home For Living.


In a nutshell, Becker raises a good question…. why are we waiting to enjoy the spaces we live in until we plan to leave them?


There have been studies done that prove having cluttered surroundings leads to trouble focussing.  One of the first things that realtors tell clients planning to sell their homes is to ...
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Bullet Journaling – Is it for You?

There’s a new trend in journaling that is geared toward creative types…and may even entice them to improve their time management skills!  It is also a great way to use some of your beautiful blank journals, and it’s called Bullet Journaling.  One reason it has become so popular is that you only need a few basics to get started.


You will need:


  • A blank journal
  • Your favorite writing pen(s)
  • Colorful markers
  • Stickers and/or Washi tape


You may be asking yourself, “Why would I need another journal if I already use a paper planner or electronic calendar?”  Well, here are some examples of things that people are writing in their bullet journals that may not be captured in ...
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