Styled & Organized Habits for Maintaining Great Organization

Let’s say you recently spent a lot of time and energy getting one of the spaces in your home totally decluttered and organized.  You may have even hired a Professional Organizer to help you accomplish it.  It’s an amazing feeling when you walk in and take in the new surroundings.  You actually WANT to be in that space again.  If you need something, you can find it instantly.  You desperately want this new feeling to last forever.  But can it?


The cold, hard truth is that everything needs a maintenance routine in life.  The same kind of discipline that you used to get into shape or land that dream job is what ...
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What Kind of Procrastinator Are You?

We all procrastinate.  Even really organized people procrastinate.  Psychologist Dr. Linda Sapadin’s curiosity about why some people procrastinate more than others lead her to discover the six types of procrastination.  So which type are you?

Six Procrastination Styles


  • Says, “But it’s not perfect yet!”
  • Because they fear others will judge their work, the start is overwhelming.   Wanting the results perfect, their work is never done.  (This is me, but don’t tell anyone!)


  • Says, “I hate dealing with all those bothersome details!”
  • They are all ideas but doesn’t want to deal with details.


  • Says, “I’m afraid to make a change!  It’s too much work.  It might not turn out right or be too ...
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Get Organized Before Disaster Strikes

With Hurricane Harvey unleashing a jaw-dropping, record-breaking amount of rainfall in south Texas, we can’t help but wonder what we would do if it was happening to us.  What would you grab if you were told to evacuate immediately?  Are you totally prepared to make those big decisions if you had to leave?  It’s frightening to think that a life time of possessions and mementos could be washed away with a natural disaster, but it is absolutely something you should consider and make a plan for.


We published a blog post last year in honor of September being National Preparedness Month, and if you haven’t already… ...
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Styled & Organized Tips for Sending a College Care Package

You moved your child into her new college digs, gave her a big hug and experienced a roller coaster of emotions as you turned to head home.  Sending a child off to college can be a huge adjustment for the entire family…even the family pets!  Instead of letting all the emotions and worry drag you down, use your nervous energy to do something to show you care.  Send her a college care package that she won’t forget.  Who wouldn’t love getting a package full of wonderful things to show her she’s not forgotten!


If you want to send a care package in a free ...
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Dog Days of Moving: A Moving Survey by Sparefoot

We love it when our friends at Sparefoot share their survey results, and this time they were asking Americans about moving as it pertains to seasons.  As Alexander Harris summarizes in his article for, The Dog Days of Moving Are Here, But Most Americans Would Rather Move in the Winter, most people would prefer to move during freezing conditions rather than the hotter-than-hot days of summer.  We are based in Dallas, so we can relate to the survey’s majority!


Of course, the irony here is that most people have to move during the summer and that’s why moving companies are ...
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Revamp Your Family’s Command Central

We are back with one more blog post to help your family make the big push for Back To School!  We have posted about creating a Command Central in the past, but wanted to remind you that this is the time of year to “revamp” that area of your home where all of the grab-and-go work and school items live.


Things to think about while working on your family’s command central are:


  • The spot you choose should be easily accessible to your whole family … in our house it is on the hallway wall leading to the back door.
  • The grab-and-go items that you may want to include ...
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Take the Stress Out of Getting to School and Work on Time

Do your mornings become part of a world that seems to thrive on stress?  Decision-making left until morning? Parents trying to get themselves to work, as well as get their kids off to school? Two hours packed with anxiety-inducing rushing around? Regularly wishing at 7 AM that you had prepped the night before?


Since you already know what needs to be accomplished each morning, execute as many getting-ready-to-go decisions as possible the night before so that you can all easily get through the morning routine.


  • What are you going to wear?
    • Check your calendar – often you need to make a wardrobe decision based on events such as meetings (for you) or field trips ...
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Lunch Box Strategies

With a brand new school year comes the opportunity to make packing lunch fun again!  Here is a list of easy ideas that can get school lunch packing rolling right along.


  • Plan to make school lunches right after dinner is over, and any favorite dinner leftovers can be loaded directly into their lunch box and into the refrigerator until morning.  Here’s a bright set of containers that are perfect for storing serving-sized portions of leftovers or healthy snacks.

From Container Store: 6.7 oz. Colorful Klip-It Snack Pack Boxes Pkg/3

  • If sandwiches are “boring” according to your kiddos…click over to ...
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Reasons to Start Using a Family Calendar if You Haven’t Already

August is suddenly here!  And with the last month of summer comes the somewhat painful experience of getting the whole family back to a regular schedule — back to making school and work the priority once again.  You can make this whole process go smoothly with good time management.  Most of us already use calendars, in one form or another.  But, have you started using one master calendar for your entire family?  If so, good for you!  You are already on the right track with a tool that everyone can use to communicate demands on time, and to see those overlaps of “free time” to dedicate to family activities.


Whether you use ...
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